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Brand & Social Media Management

BAS Research is California’s first licensed cannabis manufacturing company to blend cutting-edge science with rigorous quad-tested lab protocols to develop high-performance, consistent, quality cannabis oil.

Since 2017, Sentient Pixel has been collaborating with BAS to establish the brand at the core of the emerging cannabis industry.

By providing a full spectrum brand management service, we have implemented strategies which are essential pillars of the brand’s marketing and communication. The result is a brand that is now a reference in the whole industry.

Branding & Print Design


Subtle Rebrand

New Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines Design

Print Design

Ad Design

Stationery Design

As soon as we started our partnership with the BAS Brand, the first process implemented was a subtle rebranding where we improved the brand’s colors and visual identity in general.

Their visuals were in direct conflict with how they wanted BAS to be seen; As a pioneer cannabis manufacturing company with cutting edge technologies and SOPs that is true to its mission statement on every step of the way:

“To enhance society and heal the world by manufacturing safe and effective cannabis products.”

After redefining the brand’s colors with contemporary tones, we created a new brand guideline which would become the cornerstone reference for the new visual identity that would be adopted in every marketing effort: From business card to flyers, price sheets, e-mail signatures, and magazine ads. Sentient Pixel helped BAS with any need they had as a new company, always making sure the brand’s essence was infused within the design and content of every document.

Web design & SEO


Website Design

Blog Design

Web Development

Landing Page Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Analytics & Search Console Implementation

BAS Research needed a substantial online presence. Therefore, we helped them to build a 100% custom designed website tailored to their needs and vision. Having SEO and mobile responsiveness in mind since the beginning of the project, we created and developed what today is BAS’ primary source of leads and conversions. Click here to visit the BAS Research website.

To educate consumers and entrepreneurs of the cannabis industry, we also implemented the BAS blog, which now gets approximately 30,000 page views every month, making it a reference in cannabis content for both B2B and B2C audiences.

In addition, our SEO efforts have placed BAS Research as the 1st result in many different keywords related to the cannabis industry and services provided by BAS, resulting in a constant income of organic traffic directly from the google search engine.

With the implementation of Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we track and report the metrics and data of each month to the client. Landing Pages and Web Apps are also great examples of projects that we have executed for the BAS team.

Content & Digital Marketing


Marketing Strategies

Social Media Management

Blog Management

display Advertising

Email Marketing

Infographic Design

The cannabis industry is still a grey area when it comes to paid advertising. So, once we finished setting up the BAS’ core marketing pillars such as brand identity, website, blog, and social profiles, we drafted a marketing strategy. The primary purpose was to go around the main stream advertising channels in which cannabis advertising is prohibited.

After defining our strategy, we focused on lead acquisition through content marketing on social media and blog, email marketing, and display advertising on ad networks specialized in the cannabis market.

Together, Sentient Pixel and BAS created a brand persona to portray the company’s tone, values, and mission in every published material. We built a consistent flow of content which envolve the brand, the industry breakthroughs, research around cannabis, and information for the consumers.

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