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Chief Stix was created to offer a distinctive option to consumers who are looking for a healthier alternative to tobacco products.
Using industrial hemp as the cornerstone ingredient and differential, Chief Stix aims to provide consumers with herbal cigarettes free of tobacco, nicotine, and additives that are made with nothing but natural American sun-grown organic hemp.
We helped the team behind Chief Stix make their product concept a reality by designing the whole brand from scratch and defining a solid visual identity that we implemented in the product packaging and all of the marketing materials that supports it.

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Chief Stix was created based on the team’s background and experience in the tribal tobacco industry. Having that in mind, they wanted a brand with a Native American theme that could be easily recognizable.

By focusing on the briefing, we designed a simple and rustic logo with a symbol and a wordmark that can be used separately. For the colors, we went with an earthy and modern color palette.

“The finest hemp smokes
you will ever light!”

From the point where we had the logo defined, we started developing the brand identity, making sure that every communication effort portrayed Chief Stix as an organic brand with contemporary values. 

We implemented that same visual identity throughout the brand’s most important marketing materials: Website, packaging, price sheets, order forms, business cards, social profiles, promotional brochures and many other assets.

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Being there for Chief Stix right from the start meant that we would also need to establish the brand’s online presence. We achieved that by designing and developing a fully responsive and custom-designed website in addition to a tailored Shopify e-commerce.

By creating a custom-developed WordPress theme, we ensured that the company’s main website looked and felt unique while also delivering all the requested functionalities: A multi-pager with testimonials, social feed, contact forms and a “find where to buy chief stix” database that works with google maps.

For the e-commerce experience, we opted to deliver a Shopify website with a pre-built theme that offered a fast and straightforward online shopping flow.

Just like every web project we work on, SEO was taken into consideration from the very beginning, ensuring that the main keywords related to the product and brand, rank up on google search with time.

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Marketing Strategies

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Because Chief Stix is a consumer good in the herbal smokes and CBD category, the traditional paid advertising channels were not an option because CBD and hemp still exist in a legal grey area when it comes to online advertising.

Having that in mind, we prepared a marketing strategy that would focus on two main pillars: high-quality social media content that would be replicated across the brand’s profiles and influencer marketing.

2 Weeks after we launched Chief Stix on Instagram, we were able to achieve incredible numbers: 1.5k followers with a 2.2k engagement rate.

After that point, we focused on nurturing the social feeds with authentic content and building a relationship with influencers that would promote the product with honest reviews.

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