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We are called Sentient Pixel, we are based in Curitiba, and you can think of us as a hireable all-in-one marketing & design department for cannabis brands with four talented creatives who pour their hearts and artistic souls into new projects. We like to lay the ground to a brighter future and set the frame for an epic past in everything we do.

We’ve been doing that through creative thinking in the cannabis industry ever since Feb 17′! The reason why we think cannabis has the potential to heal society’s mental health crisis is a talk for another day.

Pull up a chair. Take a puff. And let’s chat.

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Thi is typing…

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– I’m Thi, the creative director and i’m inspired to meet you, maker 🤘

– To your right is Leti, our head of copywriting

– To your left is Dré, our art director

– We are one short though, Alisson, our web developer, is busy fixing one of our shop locators

You probably have some questions by now, and I’d say it’s time to talk business. Here’s my LinkedIn profile in case you are curious. I don’t like talking to strangers either.

Beautiful Human Being (You):

Thank you Thi 🤘, this is some good flower btw. But what the hell is a hireable remote marketing department? To be honest, this website looks like a complete scam, is this page a blog post, an article, or what? ✋


Sorry about the weird website, it’s just an idea I had. This is not a blog post, but we do have one! I’d say this whole experience is just a conversation, and you might want to hear what I have to say!

“But what is a hireable remote marketing department?” I can answer that one for you. Our studio was built with a different business model in mind. Think of it like this: We can create and babysit your cannabis brand until your baby is ready to walk on its own and spread its mission around the globe. (By that, we mean: countries where cannabis is legalized).

– We work with flat rates, recurring, or non-recurring. And on top of that, we are open to negotiations. This may sound weird, but we really like looking through the monetary value of things.

– There is no commitment, we cross your path, we help you grow, we both move on. Life is an eternal flow.

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Thi is typing…


As for the costs, it all depends on how much you are willing to invest. Check out this excellent quote.


Martin Sorrell is a British businessman and the founder of WPP plc, the world’s largest advertising and PR group, both by revenue and staff.


Ok. Back to pricing… Sorry about that, it just seems that people don’t really get the marketing & advertising craft nowadays. Marketing is the first budget cut when things go down way, but at the same time, marketing can be a brand’s last hope of growth. We do more than marketing around here:

We build brands and products with intrinsic purpose and eye-candy visuals
If your preroll flower comes from the same farmer your competition use, it’s the story you choose to tell that will make people care about it. Better stories are usually picked first on a dispensary shelf. Here’s a practical example: they might look good to you, but a cheap logo, packaging, and label may not tell a good story. There’s a reason why they were cheap.

We support brands in their growth
Sometimes, a nice website, instagram profile and product packaging might not be enough to convince a retailer or distributor to carry your product. We help with sales strategies and equip your sales team with high-quality collateral like sales decks and print materials that they can use in their sales pitch.

We experiment, measure, learn and repeat
CBD & Cannabis marketing is tricky. A good example is the fact that we can’t pay Instagram to promote a post and show it to hundreds of people. Facebook simply doesn’t like to get involved with the cannabis industry.

With that said, we’ve experimented a lot these last years, we’ve bet the money of our clients on some strategies that didn’t work out, but we also bet their money on strategies that worked really well. On one of our most recent success cases, we grew an Instagram profile from 60 followers to 40k+ followers in a week. We would love to share more details about that.

We’re also very good at making posts that people care about and cannabis brands that people love.


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We Do Marketing & Design For
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